When we created our first scent in 2008, we didn’t realize we were beginning to form our destiny.

It began with the creation of our Lucid Dream perfume. While designing its first packaging the perfumer had his first lucid dream. In it he attempted to create a masterpiece on a massive living organ in the sky. This instrument was like no other. It was made of contraptions that not only made sounds but scents and colors. Some he recognized, some seemed other-worldly. After many failed attempts to produce some beautiful harmony, he could bring back to “real life” his frustration ripped him from his lucid dream. Awaking, he realized that his ego undermined him. If only he had let go and let that strange apparatus work through him… It was then that he decided to let intuition, not logic guide him in his work. A natural choice, anyway.

As the story continues, we begin to realize something is missing. Still living in the big city of Chicago, we begin to Hunt for the missing pieces while they Gather thoughts, inspiration, and their sense of purpose. Eventually, a voice comes into focus. This voice, calling us into our future. It is a pure messenger; our power animal, the White Rabbit, which beckoned us to follow it into the great unknown.

A kind of Hermetic transformation takes over in the wake of the White Rabbit as we refine our craft, open our hearts and let go. We realized that we can turn material lead into spiritual gold, that there is great mysteries to uncover, and that the world is ours to form around us. We realized that it was our own ego that limits us and that we can create a life from nothing in which we do what we are passionate about, help others, and express ourselves. What more could we want? The White Rabbit was leading us out of the city and we had to find the courage to let go of a comfortable life and follow. Like the idiom, let the chips fall where they may.

Eventually, we found that courage and set out to cross that threshold and enter the Event Horizon. We had no idea what was waiting on the other side.

The year was 2012, and in a way, our old world was really ending when we were pulled into the vortex of the Texas Hill Country.

Driving our old Passat wagon, burdened by the weight of our entire company, all our cherished belongings, and two complaining cats, we set South following the Mississippi, then West into Texas. We kept going until we reached the state’s very heart. Up into the hills, we felt a stir within. It was October as we rolled through the sleepy town square, where pumpkins lined the sidewalk. A dream was remembered. We had been there before. It was then we decided to stay for a while and found a tiny hand-built house to live and work in Wimberley, Tx

4 years later, we feel right at home in the always beautiful and sometimes eccentric regions between Austin and San Antonio TX. A natural world of wonder, mystery, freedom, and true community.

We’ve since jumped around a couple of towns in the area finally settling on a quaint homestead out under the stars in Blanco, TX in 2015 where we immerse ourselves in our work, search for inspiration, self-reflect and refine all of our crafts. We have made this world for ourselves through determination, faith in our passions, a little help from the people we love, and the immense support given by the countless people along the way who have used and fallen in love with our scents.

Old Factory

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